Account Software Development

General Accounting software by Rosix Technology is fully customizable according to client needs and features basic as well as complex options and configuration settings. We get in touch with our clients directly and get into a relationship with them, studying the specific requirements of their business and offering the software that is almost custom made for them.

Our Account services professionals have broad understanding of the industry and the technologies required to give enterprises the competitive edge. Our account services outlines risk and compliance solutions, equity, asset and wealth management system, corporate account solutions and business advisory or consulting services.

At Rosix, we help account service providers to gain efficient, innovative and effective account solutions that mitigate risk, comply with regulations and open new earning opportunities for you and your customers. We also focus over smooth conversion and migration of modern platforms on data, logic and other core processes of your business.We combine our industry knowledge with our financing expertise to provide integrated, innovative and reliable accounting solutions backed by the account stability.

Account Software Development

Account Software Capability Includes:

  • Account Portfolio Management System
  • Integration of Account Portals with Trading Platform
  • Risk and Compliance Solutions Suite
  • Asset and Wealth Management System
  • Account Community Portal Development
  • Account Control and Reporting Solutions
  • Operational Fund Accounting
  • System for Investment Banking and Brokerage

Rosix Technology

We are Account Software Development company, who works with passion and love. We provide the best services our Customers.