CodeIgniter is an open source application development framework that is based on PHP. It is more well-liked and powerful than other PHP frameworks in many aspects such as speed, easy prototype, security, file organization structure, easy error handling and many more. It contains various resources such as plugins, libraries and interfaces to develop a healthy and completely interactive website in least time.

CodeIgniter has a very rich set of functionality, which will increase the speed of website development work. Moreover, You will save a lot of time By using CodeIgniter Not only that it is secure too that helps your website from various attacks.

CodeIgniter is based on the MVC architecture but development requires only controller classes, which can also be modified according to requirement. CodeIgniter is a lightweight, secure and contains a very rich set of modules and functionalities to enhance the website development process.

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Features of CodeIgniter:

  • Provides the strongest security
  • Least configuration
  • Easy error handling
  • File organization structure
  • Speed is better than other frameworks
  • Simple and less code for faster development
  • Testing can be done in each development phase
  • CodeIgniter provides cache class to save time
  • Delivers high performance
  • Does not use command line

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  • Project Based Pricing
  • Hourly Based
  • Weekly/monthly/yearly hiring
  • Flexible office hours depend on timezone
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting via email

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