CodeIgniter is based on the MVC architecture but development requires only controller classes, which can also be modified according to requirement.

If enhancing user experience is not a priority for you then you might find yourself trapped in this vicious cycle.


Bounce Rate

Loss of Potential

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Features of CodeIgniter:

  • Provides the strongest security
  • Speed is better than other frameworks
  • Simple and less code for faster development
  • Testing can be done in each development phase
  • CodeIgniter provides cache class to save time
  • Least configuration

  • Easy error handling

  • File organization structure

  • Delivers high performance

  • Does not use command line

Hire CodeIgniter Developers at Your Conditions:

  • Project Based Pricing

  • Hourly Based

  • Weekly/
    monthly/yearly hiring

  • Flexible office hours depend on timezone

  • Daily/weekly/
    monthly reporting via email

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