Business Values Added by Choosing Microsoft .NET Development

Microsoft .NET is one of the most popular frameworks used to develop secure, scalable, and high-performance enterprise applications. we make sure to assist our clients in the best possible manner when it comes to embracing high quality and mission-critical bespoke .NET solutions. .NET solutions for our customers in different industries, we dive deep into our customer's business challenges and provide them quick measurable results. As a .NET application development company, our .NET software developers have created hundreds of web applications by using ASP.NET, .NET Core, C#, VB.NET, MVC WPF, MVVM, Entity Framework, Xamarin, SharePoint etc.

.NET Development Services

Azure Development

Our team of .NET developers expertise in leveraging Azure services like Azure apps, Blob & Table Storage, SQL Database, and Stream Analytics to build multi-tenant cloud-native solutions.

ASP.NET Web Application

Right from start-ups to large enterprises, we develop highly functional robust and agile, custom ASP.NET web applications as per the business requirement. Get full-featured backend development for web, mobile, and desktop.

.NET Core Development

We provide .NET services by utilizing .NET Core, .NET Frameworks and latest front-end technologies to create high-performance and cloud-based .NET web and mobile apps with cross-platform compatibility.

WPF Application Development

Using the Windows Presentation Foundation application development framework, we create well-optimized lightweight applications with increased speed within the set deadline and budget.

API Development

Professionals at our company easily collaborate with your in-house development team and work as good as your development team, thus providing you the scalability to develop your .NET projects in-house.

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Node.Js stack

.NET developer skills & Deliver Quality Solutions

  • Updated knowledge about the .NET framework
  • Familiarity with database technologies such as Microsoft Cosmos DB, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Launch a web app with frontend that takes less rendering time
  • Globally accepted backend architecture makes getting help easier
  • Improves flexibility to easily integrate into existing projects
  • Grow your business by addressing scalability challenge
  • Embrace powerful analytical capabilities
  • Creation of clean and reliable codes

Our Work

Live Chat Web App

Yo!Chat is a scalable and flexible web app for businesses to communicate with their customers on website. We developed multiple important features in this in-house project by leveraging JavaScript-based technologies. Here are few additional points regarding this web app:

  • Backend developed using Node.js
  • Frontend developed using React.js
  • Real time experience using WebSocket
  • Improved Data Structure using Redis
  • Fast response time using MySQL
  • Web notification using Firebase
Live Chat Web App

.NET Development FAQs

Undoubtedly, there are many ways you can use Microsoft powered .NET in building the application of your choice. You can build all types of applications from custom software apps for mobile or desktop apps. Moreover, you can also use a plethora of languages, tools, editors and libraries to build

  • Tech-advanced applications
  • ERP, POS or any other Project Management tools
  • Latest technology apps based on IOT, ML and AI
  • Gaming applications
  • Unique and Different MVC based Architecture apps can also be built

Rosix Technology is a leading .NET development company specializing in offering diversified .NET solutions to enterprises. Our team of adept developers are skilled and have extensive knowledge about Microsoft .NET framework from 2001 to the latest ones. Our holistic experience of serving the majority of clients includes development of custom software, web and mobile applications, advance-grade IOT-based applications, ERP, POS, Project Management tools, gaming apps and other microservices based applications.

The total application development cost depends on the various factors like technology, tools, duration, complexity of your project, and the number of developers required. You can contact us for more information about estimated cost.

When it comes to software development, .NET Framework offers a lot more than other competing frameworks. Specifically, .NET offers

  • Ease in development
  • Reusable Code Format
  • Safety and Safeguarding of codes
  • Easily integrable, advanced controls
  • Use of latest libraries and several other essential functionalities

When it comes to serverless architecture, docker, and scalability, .NET Core is the preferred choice.

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