In today’s world information is the king on internet and every user want to see the latest and updates on particular web site. User wants to see the latest happening on your web site. Content management system in backend of your website provides facility to upload content on your front end part of web site. Content management system provides the facility of content creation, modification, administration and publishing.

We march ahead with the new generation, and implement strategic SEO features as a result of which effective Content management system services can be successfully achieved. Implementing SEO strategies can not only help internet marketing but also helps in getting better ranking in popular search engines.

Our Content management system is practical and suitable for small business and also corporate. We provide expert services to facilitate you to get best Content management system for your business within a budget that suits your pocket.

A Content management system is a web application designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit and manage a website.

Rosix Technology offers content management system features as under

  • Easy administrations features like add, edit, delete, remove, update etc
  • SEO friendly features includedt
  • Newsletter, blog, forum, discussion board management
  • User accounts & user access right management
  • Product uploading
  • Email notifications
  • Subscription management
  • Image, text and video uploading
  • Category management
  • Rich text and image editors

Business Value

  • Quick creation of new publications
  • Timely delivery of publications
  • Lower translation costs
  • Workflow management
  • Mobile ready
  • Scheduled Content
  • Easy for the non-technically minded
  • Search Engine Friendly Content
  • Improves site maintenance

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