About Property Management System

The property management company acts in the best interests of the owner to maintain the property, keep it occupied with tenants, collect payments, budget improvements and maintain records. Property development software used to manage and drive the selling and development of residential, commercial and industrial property

Real-time Access to Information
With a cloud-based property management software, you can access all the information and data in real-time. This suggests that you don’t need to be available in your office to have an eye on the software data. With all the important data and information collated in a single place available at your fingertips, this software rightly simplifies data management and its accessibility.
No matter you own a small or big property, an advanced property management software can look after all types and sizes of properties with ease. A modern software solution is always available for further expansion, enhancement and latest upgrades. Being scalable, a property management software can easily grow with your growing needs and requirements.
Time Saving
Property management software automates all complex processes, tasks, and duties, which would otherwise need time and manpower. From issuing notifications, sending reminder emails to the creation of reports and documents, a property management software looks after each and every aspect of your business. This means that you can now save the massive amount of time spent on such tasks that earlier needed human attention.
Reports and analysis
An effective software allows the generation of reports. These reports can be in form of daily, monthly or yearly format. Any serious business operation needs to review their work in order to analyze what has worked well and what should be changed in the future terms. These reports show pending tasks and allow mapping properties to any open inquiry which is effective in case there are targets to be achieved. Reports also provide feedback on the adopted strategies which lets you know how effective the medium of advertisement or communication was. This helps the business in being creative with the various mediums and works on different formats like changing the subjects on a mail, making it more action oriented, and eliminates the things that did not work well.
An advanced property management software ensures that all your important and confidential data is kept secure. A software development company, which develops one such software solution, also builds a comprehensively secured environment, including firewall, encryption, and backup/recovery modules. Our property management software will be secure and protect the sensitive information that comes with renting and leasing property.

Key Features

Attendance Management

It is a type of business application designed to track and optimize the hours that employees spend on the job and keep records of wages and salaries paid.

Broker Management

A broker is an individual person who arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller for a commission when the deal is executed. A broker who also acts as a seller or as a buyer becomes a principal party to the deal.

Email & SMS

  • Send notifications through Email & SMS.
  • Email and SMS controls at Customer Level.
  • Track Communication.

Project Management

  • Manage real-time project availability charts of sold and blocked units with different sizes and configurations, and check the status of developed / under construction / future projects, booking list.
  • To maintain data of estimated completion dates, floor plans, cost sheets.
  • Manage project material products wise unit, quantity and other parameters.

Reports & Analytics

  • Properties & Enquiries.
  • Matching Reports for Open Enquiries & Properties.
  • Enquiries by source.
  • Pending activities & many more.

Payment Management

  • Analyze trends and predict cash inflows with a CRM that was designed keeping in mind payment management problems. With accurate cash projections, your team can get working on the most promising leads and maximize revenue.
  • Streamline your payments and collections by creating and storing a detailed payment schedule within the CRM for each stage of payments and across multiple projects.
  • Track the status of completed and pending payments with options to set payment types like EMIs, cheque, cash, etc.

Lead Management

  • Property management lead generation is all about getting you more clients & profitably growing your units under management (including your own portfolio).
  • Lead management is the process of managing leads, constantly and equally.
  • Lead management is the process of capturing leads, tracking their activities and behaviour, qualifying them, giving them constant attention to make them sales-ready, and then passing them on to the sales team.
  • As larger vendors work with partner organizations such as distributors, resellers, brokers and other channel partners, those vendors often distribute leads to their respective partners to provide a local contact to those prospects and also 'feed' partners with new business opportunities.

Document Management

  • Documents are the recorded information and objects used within a business to create and distribute a product or service. Document management and control is the systems used to track these documents or electronic images of those documents.
  • The most beneficial and practical solutions are found through the use of document management and control software. Designed to help companies easily track, modify, store, and distribute documents.
  • Staff work more efficiently.
  • Compliance is simpler to manage.
  • Data is managed properly.
  • Documents are safeguarded against disaster.
  • Maintain Legal & Important documents.
  • Use standard documents present in software.
  • Entrally located documents save your time and helps organize them.
Property Management Software

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