About ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is any of a number of software platforms that bring together customer relationship management, accounting, core HR, marketing , sales enterprise and supply chain management features together in a single software. Because of the complexity and number of features available through ERP software, it has been traditionally adopted by large enterprise corporations, but recent years have proved that ERP software is useful even for small and medium-sized businesses.

ERP system also unify the data in one place, which can eliminate the problem of synchronising changes between multiple systems, and allow business managers to get a more precise view of the business’s data. Across the global demand for ERP is very high. Small, medium and large sized organizations are transmuting their business in to modern ERP platform.

Rosix Technology is a protruding name amoungst the ERP Development Company in Ahmedabad. Many cloud based ERP softwares built by Rosix Technology has gained recognization due to their continuous services. We provide customized ERP softwares includes features Sales, HR,Production, Procurement, Operation, Accounting, Corporate and many more.

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Features of ERP Software
Lead Management
  • Centralized Data /Inquiry Registration
  • Lead and follow-up management
  • Followup Reminder and alert by sms and email
  • Lead Process Chain flow and lead status
  • Lead convert and prospect quotes
Sales and distribution Module
  • Plan and schedule sales order by order
  • Tracking of sales and status
  • Estimate and quote management
  • Point of sales and task management
Project management
  • Project Planning and resources
  • Expense and time management
  • Material requirement planning and sheduling
  • Monitor demand, supply, manufacturing status on project
  • Project performance and profitability
Manufacturing/Operation Management
  • Increase manufacturing accuracy and report
  • End-to-end process of chain supply
  • Followup Reminder and alert by sms and email
  • Step by step operation and report
  • Manufacturing execution system
Contact Management
  • Contact and address details of entry
  • Customer, supplier and vendor information storage
  • Create quotes for prospects customer and buyer
  • Quotation management and convert lead to prospect
  • Vendor History management
A Helping Hand for Employees
Save Time & Cost
Real time Reporting at a glance
Business Process Automation
Reduce Paper Works

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of ERP Software

  • Increase efficiency

  • Promote collaboration

  • Make accurate forecasts

  • Lower operational costs

  • Increase data security

  • Comply with regulations

  • Streamlined processes

  • Integrated information

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Security

  • Scalability


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